The team at Amida Wealth are passionate about their work and caring about other people. Each one possesses an overwhelming desire to make each day a better one for their clients. Reach out to them whenever you wish. Get to know them whenever you can.

Meet the team

Creative Minds who Inspire

A Ana Ramos

Founder + President

A Angelina Gray

Operations + Social Media Guru

S Sydney Hayes


M Madison “Maddy” Bloom

Business Development

Let's Rustle Up Some Numbers...

Our Average Week's work...

Not every client is the same. And not every day or week is the same. But while our team spends each waking moment for you, a few facts emerge.


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Email Messages Sent


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Working Minutes

Our Skill Set

How we spend our time each day

Our team utilizes many of their skills on a daily basis as the support system that allows you, our client, to go after their goals.

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Communication 0 %

Investment Strategy 0 %

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Strategic Partners

Amida Wealth works closely with other professionals who provide our team with technical support, legal services and lifestyle planning. In this way we can offer our clients a bespoke strategy unique to their needs. Below are a few of the disciplines available.

  • Financial Planning Strategies
  • Compliance
  • Insurance
  • Investment
  • Tax Strategies
  • Trust Administration
  • Banking
  • Employee Benefits
  • Estate Planning
  • Lifestyle & Wellness



Amida Wealth has extended relationships with specialists that provide our clients with a wide variety of opportunities in both their work and personal life. Our aim is to afford our clients a way to reach goals that are not necessarily only about financial wealth. Our specialists are professional life coaches, health and wellness experts, media training, public relations consultants, career assessment experts, and business coaches. Amida Wealth continues to offer clients support while in any of our collaborative programs.