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A New Vision in Wealth Management

Welcome to Amida Wealth. Our mission is to transform your vision of wealth. To help you pursue your goals for financial independence while living the life you desire. Ensuring you are building habits that lead to happiness through a successful career, wise investments, good health and loving relationships.

Our symbol is a simple blade of grass. Providing life-giving oxygen while acting as a natural filter for contaminants. Amida Wealth provides the same nurturing to our clients. At the many stages in our clients life, we prepare for change and review what action to take. Steering our clients along their journey and changing obstacles into stepping stones.

Amida Wealth has developed many tools that are placed at our clients disposal to help them reach their goals. We introduce some of these here but no client is the same and there are no cookie-cutter solutions. The first step is easy. Talk to us.

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Living today... Planning Tomorrow

When all the elements of wealth are in harmony, your health, career, finances, relationships, and personal growth, you can live each day in the moment. Our life takes place in the present but all too often we see our clients let the present slip away. Their attention is diverted to tasks that are often distractions. One of our roles is to enable you to practice mindfulness, where each day is spent in the present, not worrying about tomorrow. Amida Wealth does this with planning and strategy. Removing distraction that stops you living each moment worry-free. In that way, your best day will always be today.

Our Way

More than a Financial Advisor

One of the first steps at Amida Wealth, is to show you what is possible. What can be achieved when you change your understanding of wealth. While our critical mission is to help you achieve financial independence, success is not achieved by money alone. Wealth building should encompass every facet of your life and those close to you. Career. Investing. Taxes. Insurance. Legacy Planning. All must be woven into the fabric of your life to create a shelter that nourishes and supports you and your loved ones.

Amida Wealth is the support system that keeps you focused and motivated. Click on our video to learn more…

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Our Fivefold Path to Wealth

At Amida Wealth, our job is not just to help you become financially independent. It goes much further, stretching past the horizon. Such a journey means careful preparation and for this we created our Fivefold Path to Wealth: Visualizing. Planning. Preparing. Living. Assessing. It is your path to walk, and courage may be required. If there is no clear path for you to take, we will build one for you. And we will guide you. How do you take that first step? That is easy. Talk to us.

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Our Four Noble Truths

Now you are on the way to reaching your dream… a succesful career. After all, have’nt you been led to believe that wealth is money? As your life unfolds you may come to a realization that wealth is more profound. We understand this. We get you. At Amida Wealth we call this Our Four Noble Truths: Solé. Amitabster. Entrepreneur. Pinnacle. Each one custom tailored to meet your needs and surpass them, no matter where you are in life.


Everyone needs a trusted advisor. Our Signature Solè program is specifically designed for our clients who feel they would like to have someone by their side.

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Together we redefine the world as we know it. Amida Wealth weaves financial technology with a human touch to create a strong fabric for relationships.

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We understand you have worked very hard to own your own business. Let Amida Wealth help you reach financial independence and the American dream.

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We developed the Pinnacle program for clients who already achieved a level of financial wealth and know this wealth does not garantee real happiness.

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