Ana Ramos is the Founder & President of Amida Wealth Advisors. An innovator in wealth management, Ana applies advanced forms of financial planning with physical and mental wellbeing into a single entity called Amida Wealth. Her methods have pioneered a new way of working in an industry ready for change. Ana calls it a way to "Transform Your Vision of Wealth."

Ana Ramos

Ana Ramos, is an experienced and trusted financial advisor, with more than fifteen years in wealth management.

From a young age, Ana grasped the impact a single person can have in this world. Her parents dedicate their lives to being in the service of others, helping to improve people’s lives in a positive way. Likewise, Ana began her career in industries that can improve people’s lives, from wellness to hospitality to banking. With each endeavor, she developed a strong belief that with financial success comes a responsibility to make a difference in the world.

A profound turning point in Ana’s life occurred when her younger brother developed a serious illness. She left the corporate world to start her own business, Amida Wealth, so she could put her beliefs into practice. Amida Wealth became a pioneer in wealth management and attracted clients who realize it had more to offer than financial services. Ana shows her clients how affluence can empower them to lead a richer, healthier life through programs she developed.

Amida Wealth is continuously evolving. Technology and global networks have created new opportunities that have no boundary. And while data may be the new currency, the mission of Amida Wealth is more relevent than ever, to transform your vision of wealth.

A Note from Ana

Creating and growing Amida Wealth has been my sole passion and purpose for the past 6 years. The birth of this company has been deeply influenced by my parent’s commitment to impacting people’s lives in a positive way. As a child, I traveled throughout South America and spent summers at camps my father created. It wasn’t until I was grown and in the business world that I realized how much his entrepreneurial spirit influenced the creation of my own life canvas and the eventual birth of Amida Wealth.

A few life lessons I carry with me even today:
• The value of practicing self-care is a lasting impression from my years in the wellness industry.
• The importance of service to others was honed while I was in the hospitality world.
• And from my parents, find a vision, pursue your passions, and follow a path – always leaving our world a little better than we found it.

Amida Wealth and the values I share with my clients are my gift to the world. My years in corporate America inspired me to question the status quo and re-imagine a new way of being. As the founder, I am now re-creating what wealth management can truly become for my clients. It is my firm belief that wealth should be much more than investments and returns. True wealth can serve as the palm tree in an oasis… respite in life.

I invite those who approach life with optimism and curiosity to join me. When you’re ready to explore the pulse of life and re-examine what commitment means to you, please connect with our team at a place where wealth is being re-imagined every day.

With light and radiance,

Ana Ramos, founder & president