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Our mission is to empower our clients to realize their true wealth. To live fully in the present and plan for the future. There are many steps that need to be taken to reach the wealth you desire and the happiness you deserve.


Our mission is to empower our clients to realize their true wealth. To live fully in the present and plan for the future. There are many steps that need to be taken to reach the wealth you desire and the happiness you deserve.

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It is no secret that behind every successful person is a coach or advisor to help them stay focused on their goals. Our Signature Solè program was specifically designed for our clients who understand this approach, and who think their goal is slipping out of reach.

A client who would like to have someone by their side as they try to reach their objective: To re-adjust. To re-align. To re-focus.

The Solè Program clients are grounded, forward-thinking, and understand the intricacies of balancing today’s necessities with tomorrow’s aspirations. They seek a program that not just offers financial guidance but respects their journey, appreciates their milestones, and crafts strategies uniquely attuned to their life’s blueprint. 

Our mission is to energize our clients and make ideas and opportunities flow, where once they appeared stagnant. Our Solè program is the catalyst to make this happen. 

The Solè Program is designed for:

  • Individuals at various stages of their financial journey, be it early-career professionals looking to optimize savings, mid-careerists focusing on balancing expenses with investments, or those nearing retirement aiming for a secure financial future.
  • Individuals who started their financial voyage with clear goals but now feel like they’re treading water or losing direction.
  • Families prioritizing financial milestones such as purchasing a home, funding their children’s education, or planning memorable family experiences.
  • Individuals and families who prioritize planning for a comfortable retirement, insurance needs, or building an emergency fund.
  • Clients focused on the bigger picture, how their wealth will be managed, distributed, or passed on after they’re gone.

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With technology advancing at warp speeds, you can redefine the world on a daily basis. However quickly that world seems to move, core values remain the same.

Our wishes and our dreams are the same: Financial independence. Good health. A loving family. For this Amida Wealth will be your partner. Letting our knowledge and experience partner with your ambitions and desires. Our Financial technology tools will be at your side, no further than your fingertips. Amida Wealth uses cutting edge tools for the latest economic trends and investment intelligence. It is a personalized strategy, tailored to your needs.

And yes, it’s even at warp speeds.

Our Amitabster program is designed for:

  • Those who were born and bred in the era of technology, smartphones, and instant information, and who view the digital space as a natural extension of themselves.
  • Individuals who not only adopt the latest trends but set them, influencing the way society works, communicates, and interacts.
  • Those who approach traditional milestones, like purchasing a home or car, through a modern lens, perhaps focusing on sustainability, technology integration, or alternative financial models.
  • Millennials and younger generations who have a different perspective on family, work-life balance, and societal norms.
  • Individuals who want their financial strategies to move as quickly as the tech world they’re familiar with, but without compromising on quality or depth.
  • While they embrace rapid technological advancements, they also cherish timeless values like family, health, and financial independence.
  • Clients who desire bespoke financial strategies tailored to their unique lifestyles, aspirations, and financial goals.

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Download our Financial Wealth BEING
Download our Financial Wealth BEING


Living the ‘American Dream.’ The belief that through hard work, anyone can achieve their vision of success. For you, this may be owning your own business or home, or the freedom that financial wealth can bring. The reality is a little more complex.

Being your own boss takes more than hard work and sacrifice. But every entrepreneur will tell you that it is a dream worth fighting for. Amida Wealth is in your corner when you are ready for the fight. We work alongside you, bringing financial planning expertise and management skills with every step you take. Amida Wealth can devise a strategy for funding or raising venture capital. We can find ways to best manage your daily business requirements, including taxes, retirement plans, employee benefits and business succession.

A successful entrepreneur is defined by their passion and personal satisfaction at reaching goals. We know. Amida Wealth was founded with the same entrepreneurial spirit.

The Entrepreneur Program is designed for:

  • Those who are on the precipice of starting their own ventures or have just embarked on the entrepreneurial journey, seeking expert financial guidance to fuel their dreams.
  • Individuals who already own businesses but need assistance in areas like expansion, streamlining finances, or strategic planning for future growth.
  • Entrepreneurs on the lookout for strategic funding options, whether that’s sourcing venture capital or exploring other financial avenues to propel their business forward.
  • Those who aim for the seamless management of their day-to-day business affairs, from tax planning to employee benefits, and are looking for an expert hand in these matters.
  • Business owners who have begun thinking about the next phase, business succession, handing over the reins to the next generation, or exploring exit strategies.
  • Entrepreneurs who see their ventures as a pathway to personal wealth and freedom and want guidance on how to best manage and grow their wealth through their business endeavors.
  • Individuals who recognize that entrepreneurship isn’t just about the business itself but encompasses personal financial growth, retirement plans, and long-term financial stability.
  • Those who value partnerships and believe in collaborating with like-minded entities to achieve mutual goals.

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The Pinnacle Program with its emphasis on comprehensive and advanced wealth management, is best suited for individuals who are not only financially affluent but also have diverse financial needs and aspirations that require an elevated level of expertise, personalization, and attention to detail.

Our clients seek more than just wealth management; they demand a trusted financial partnership that aligns with their vision, values, and aspirations.

The Pinnacle Program is designed for:

  • Established affluence individuals or families with liquid assets that comfortably position them within the High-Net-Worth bracket, and those in the Ultra-High-Net-Worth  echelon.
  • Legacy Conscious: Multigenerational families that place a premium on preserving their legacy, ensuring their wealth not only sustains but also thrives through successive generations.
  • Philanthropic visionaries driven by a sense of purpose, seeking to create lasting societal impact through strategic charitable initiatives, while optimizing the financial and tax implications of their philanthropic endeavors.
  • Dynamic entrepreneurs and proprietors whose wealth is intricately tied to their business ventures, necessitating specialized strategies for growth, diversification, and succession.
  • Global Navigators with multifaceted international connections, be it in the form of overseas assets, business operations, or family ties, requiring a holistic approach to their diverse global financial interests.
  • Renowned individuals, from celebrities to athletes, who possess unique financial dynamics due to their profession, and seek discreet and robust wealth management solutions.
  • Elite Professionals, be it in medicine, law, or other specialized fields, who have cultivated considerable assets over their careers and are now in pursuit of sophisticated financial strategies to protect and amplify their wealth.

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