Our mission is to empower our clients to realize their true wealth. To live fully in the present and plan for the future. There are many steps that need to be taken to reach the wealth you desire and the happiness you deserve. Once you start your journey, we check your progress at each step along the way and take action if necessary. The first step is easy... connecting with us.


Our first step is to build a life-map. This involves an understanding of all the factors at a personal level that make you what you are. We must examine all the choices you make and their effect on your present day finances. We can then plan for your future to ensure there is a balance between what you can achieve for your financial wealth and what you can achieve in your personal growth. Working together we will find the right balance that help you see a more defined path to a lifestyle that is easily managed and more fulfilling.


None of us are prepared at a very young age to know what money is. We only see the material assets it brings us. Money is part of the puzzle that we must solve in order to understand our vision of wealth. First it is essential to uncover where your  money is going and what tools you need to manage this flow and start to save more. Only then can you take the next steps towards financial stability. Allocation is our way of saying you must budget intelligently. How you allocate your money so that your present is enjoyed and your future is taken care of.


You do not have to be enormously wealthy to require an investment strategy. We offer sound economic advice that works at any level regardless of the size of the investment. A good strategist such as Sun Tzu would say “Know your enemy and know yourself and you will have no fear.” We know your risk tolerance and understand your goals. We move beyond the typical by identifying opportunities that would be missed if we did not know you so well. Our strength is in our resources, all custom designed to help you build a portfolio that does the most good with your investment dollars while minimizing risk.


Smart tax planning will not only save you money but lower your stress level. Simply put, a sound tax strategy will help you reduce the amount of taxes you will owe at the end of each year. Perhaps some taxes can be deferred, and others can be managed through tax-efficient investing. These questions can be answered if you have strong tax management. Amida Wealth will work side by side with your tax advisor to develop a proactive strategy to manage and mitigate your taxes. We craft tactical approaches to ensure the most beneficial timing of income and deductions, and help you manage tax season for minimal impact.

Financial Independence

What is the goal that makes us work so hard? One of the single biggest rewards is financial independence. It is at the top of everyone’s list. After all, financial independence will allow you the freedom to try new paths and discover riches beyond your interpretation of wealth. The freedom to pursue your dreams is the direct result of financial independence. The first question you need answered is what will you need to live comfortably for the rest of your life? We can help you estimate how much money you will need and how to save it.  And to continue living a wealthy life for many years to come. We help you design a plan which allows you to live the life that you dreamed of.


When life-work are going so well our single biggest fear is losing everything. The burden of protecting your assets and the things you can’t afford to lose, need not be shouldered by you alone. Insurance can transfer the financial risks of a major life event from you. This  may include life, disability, long term care, liability and business overhead insurance. Importantly, insurance can protect you from financial disaster caused by events not under your control. Amida Wealth works to make sure the insurance is personalized to your needs and assessed on a routine basis to accomodate changes in your life, home and business. We look at insurance not as an overhead, but as a tool to help you get to where you want to be.

Legacy Planning

Your legacy is not calculated in material wealth. It is the sum total of your life experience that cannot be bought or replicated. We understand legacy planning and how important it can be to ensure your life has meaning and not measured just by physical assets such as property. After all, you have so much more to pass on to your heirs. Amida Wealth does not view legacy planning as only estate planning. It is much more and incorporates not only effective estate planning but the management of your affairs during and after your lifetime. It is a strategy that will help you realize goals that will last far beyond your lifetime.