Lessons Learned Through Our “New Normal”

I can’t recall how many times I’ve heard the word living through our “new normal”. Or living past “Covid 19”. I ask myself, what is normal? Or is it that we, for the sake of normalcy, need to call a change in our lives something so that we can feel better. But what if instead we embrace a new perspective into what these changes in our lives are? What if we say to ourselves, ok, I’m being forced to look at life differently and how do I continue to live towards my vision of life through these changes. After all, aren’t changes what helps us grow?

I can’t speak for everyone but I can say some new lessons are being learned during this period we are asked to “stay home”. And perhaps, the biggest lesson is, how do we quiet the noise and continue to grow within ourselves.

If I look at today from a different perspective, we are all being forced to change at the same time. I’ve had the privilege of working with many clients through this period of change, and if there is one commonality I’ve noticed is the separation between those connected to a vision, a purpose versus those living day to day. The attitude and perspective they share is connected to a bigger picture. They view this time as a time to re-align their priorities to ensure that their actions continue to help them achieve their goals.

I wanted to dedicate this blog to all the beautiful souls I’ve come across with and who, no matter what I may be going through the day, know how to bring a laugh to my soul. Just listening to them share their experiences, watch them grow and appreciate their own challenges, gives me a belly laugh that speaks to my soul for I know how much each accomplishment means to them.

I’ve seen everything from re-connecting with family, partners, their own children, finding a new them, conquering a technology challenge, a new workout routine, and best yet, learning to let go of what they can’t control. I’m a true believer that we all travel this world with lessons to learn, that is why we call this our journey and how beautiful that we get a chance to break, connect, ground ourselves and continue along our paths.

I know I cannot define everyone’s goals and lessons but each of you can. Sometimes you need a coach by you to help you get started. So, if there is no better time than now to connect to a leader who gets you and helps you get started. Don’t expect them to do the work because as I said earlier, this is your journey. They will just be along to guide you or give you a new way to look at things.
So, go out there, challenge yourself, see things differently and grow with new found lessons along your way.

With light and a fresh perspective on living in wealth.