Inner Peace, A Foundation of Wealth

It is no secret we are living through changing times. Redefining who we are. How we live. What is important to us. We are changing our very essence. There is shifting, reorganizing. It is a time of internal and external uncertainty. How we approach these times will allow us to grow and thrive today and in the days to come. Maintaining a state of inner peace allow us to quiet the noise and focus on the bigger picture.

Wealth is a state of being. Is identifying our goals, creating and following a plan to achieve them. As we welcome change, we will learn new ways of being.

For many, inner peace represents security, balance, abundance, confidence, success, and even perhaps status. In the spirit of change, let us consider a different way of thinking and perhaps, a new perspective into what being at peace is and why we consider it the foundation of wealth.

Inner peace is associated with health and an optimal achievement to wellness. This is the beginning. The process we live to achieve is where its true essence lives. We do not just achieve inner peace and then check it off our to do list. We work on it every day. With every new circumstance that arises in our lives. We are not always going to get it right. Learning what peace of mind is, what it feels like and how to get there is the key. Next time we fall out of it, recognize it and create ways to get back into it.

It is the process of reaching, falling out of it, reaching for it again that valuable lessons are learned. This is why, it is the foundation of wealth.  Wealth is not achieved overnight. On strange occasions yes but for the majority of us, it is a lifetime achievement. We can look at wealth as just a financial achievement or we can expand our definition of wealth to our health, career, relationships, personal growth and yes, our finances. When we do, all of a sudden, wealth takes on a different definition. Obtaining it takes on a different focus in our lives. Being able to grow through every experience, gain new ways of looking at life is where the beauty of inner Peace is. It is not the estate we are in but the work it takes to get there, stay there, and come back into it.

Next time you hear the word inner peace, remember that it is the work involved to get there that builds us and allows us to create a foundation to our wealth.

If you never looked at wealth this way, reach out to us for you never know if a new perspective will be born. After all, true wealth is owned by us, it is our connection to our soul.

Honored to share these thoughts with you.