Do Something You Love & Reconnect To Your Purpose

Intentionally Reconnect To Your Purpose

Reconnect back to your purpose with Amida Vibes. When we take the time to engage in the things that we love, we relax our nervous system and reconnect back to ourselves. In the state of ease and calmness, our money energy flows and we become a magnet for abundance and prosperity. When we are in a state of prosperity our perspectives change. As a result, we transform how we view money & wealth. It is about staying connected to our essence and purpose.

2 Ways To Make It Simple

Small acts of self-care don’t need to be extravagant. Oftentimes, it’s the little things in life that make a big difference. Think about some of the moments that you felt most alive. Whatever lights you up, go and do that. These are the moments which are connected to your purpose. Use these 3 thought provoking concepts to reconnect back to purpose & do what you love. As a result, you will reconnect back with your essence and your hearts true desires.

Reconnect Back To Your Purpose In Nature

Think about some of your favorite hobbies in nature. Do you like to hike, lay in the grass, relax in a hammock? Maybe you like to garden, simply sit on a picnic bench at a park, or sit by the ocean. Choose any activity that lights you up in nature. As a result, you will feel the essence of joy and bliss flow through your life when you give yourself permission to do what you love.

Connect To Purpose Through Art

Art can be anything you see fit. Do you like to paint, cook, dance, write? Choose an activity that you love, and see it from the perspective of art. There is purpose in the activities that you love. As a result, you will learn to stay connected to your hearts true desires.

Amida Vibes Family Conversations

At your next family and friends gathering. Encourage the conversation topic of purpose. What do your friends and family do in-order stay connected to their purpose? Be curious about the activities that light them up. As a result, you will discover that these activities are oftentimes small acts of love like cooking a beautiful meal, or sipping coffee with the one that they love. Do your friends and family create space in their day, month, or weeks in order to ensure they participate in the activities that they love? Through these conversation topics, you will learn deeper truths about your family and friends. Have they forgotten about their purpose? Remind them to do what they love. As a result, you will spread the Amida Vibes.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, life is a journey and in-order to thrive we must be deeply connected to our hearts true desires. When we are connected to our essence and purpose, we allow the energy of abundance to flow into our lives. We create prosperity and the energy of wealth flows begins to flow through us. Remember to create space in your day to do something you love. As a result, you will reconnect back to your purpose.