Welcome to True Wealth

Welcome to Amida Wealth, a space and place where you’ll experience wealth from a different perspective. Our mission is to offer you a fresh, inspiring approach to your wealth-being and to illustrate new possibilities for a life richly lived.

Amida Wealth was founded by Ana Ramos, an experienced and trusted financial advisor, an unwavering idealist, and a fervent believer in the power of one. From a young age, Ana grasped the impact a single person can have in this world. She was on the front row observing her parents dedicate their lives to being in service to others and impacting people’s lives in a positive way around the world. Her life journey led her to master various industries, from wellness to hospitality to banking. In each endeavor and evolution, she developed a strong commitment to quality, excellence, and innovation. These experiences embedded the belief in her that there is more to life than wealth.

A profound turning point in Ana’s life occurred when her little brother went through a serious illness. She chose to leave the corporate world by starting her own firm with a more balanced view of wealth. She believed that she could provide a healthier and more positive culture which has served her clients well to this day. Ana recognizes that wealth is a natural extension of her clients’ daily lives, empowering them to live like every moment counts.

Amida Wealth will continuously evolve. As we are creating a canvas of prosperity for them, our clients are combining freedom and money spaciousness into harmonious fusion of the elements of wealth. Our mission is to transform your vision of wealth and empower you to utilize your resources to thrive in your life and to enhance the lives of your loved ones. For this is the essence of true wealth.