Weren’t most of us raised to believe that wealth is money?

At Amida, we know wealth is more profound. We get you. We understand you. We will guide and empower you. This is why we have designed specific experiences to meet you where you are in your life at this moment. Consider us architects who co-create your personal path towards your vision of wealth, planting the landscape with you along the way for a fruitful future.


Everyone needs a trusted advisor…
to re-adjust
to re-align
to re-focus
regardless of the challenges ahead.

All successful athletes have a coach and mentor to help them continuously enhance their game.

Our Signature Solè program was specifically designed for our clients who feel they would like to have someone by their side as they are strategizing to identify, re-define, and achieve their goals.

Many times we spend years trying to achieve them because we don’t know the most optimal path and sometimes circumstances derail us along our journey.

We will focus on
your current situation,
your protection needs,
your financial goals,
your retirement needs,
your tax and estate (legacy planning).

We will help you create a path, implement it, and re-align it along the way. It’s our privilege to guide you to transforming your vision of wealth.


Because you are the change. You are changing the way we work, travel, buy homes, shop, build families, and how we experience the world around us. You are living with purpose!

Utilizing the advances of technology, you are redefining the world as we know it every day. Amida Wealth will collaborate with you and share our knowledge and experience on goal attainment, including how to structure yourself financially. You can continue re-defining this world into your 90’s.

Amida Wealth weaves the intelligence of the latest financial technology together with human touch to create the strong fabric of relationships and economic ability to achieve your goals. Support your own vision for a life richly lived, and benefit from our personalized strategic expertise.


Having your own business is the American dream. You have the freedom to choose when you want to work, with whom, and you’re guaranteed an abundance of money. Perhaps that is the perception.

At Amida, we understand you have sacrificed everything you have to get here.

Being an entrepreneur and managing your own business is more than hard work. It requires strategic planning – looking at all the financial needs at every stage of the business cycle. It incorporates your business and personal goals along with your WHY – your reason for becoming an entrepreneur.

We work with you and other entrepreneurial professionals to address the many needs of owning a business. We look at how to best manage your taxes, your retirement plans, employee benefits, business succession, and WHAT IF – protecting the business.

Because Amida was built by an entrepreneur, this spirit is the essence of who we are. Partner with us and experience wealth from a different perspective.


Amida was built on the concept of infinite light. In this journey, we saw that financial wealth did not equate with true happiness, with infinite light. True wealth is about giving, receiving, and sharing; and in the process, we sometimes find our true purpose.

We developed the Pinnacle program for our clients who have already achieved a certain level of financial wealth but that now want to connect that wealth to the rest of the world.

We work side by side with you to understand what made you successful, and what else you would like to give to the world. We apply all the principles of wealth planning, embedded with your personal mark.

Join us as we elevate true wealth, connect to our true essence, and share it with our loved ones and the rest of the world.