Welcome to the Amida Way – Move Beyond the Typical. Tap into the Power of Perspective.

At Amida, our practice is to help individuals like you discover what true wealth means for them in all five elements of wealth – health, career, finances, relationships, and personal growth.

We act as a coach, a guide, and a mentor. It is your path to walk, and we cannot do it for you. We are here to help you on your journey. Bold moves will be made. Courage is required. And we will guide you.

Our Fivefold Path to Wealth


The first step on the path to a richly lived life is to create your vision. This starts with the question – What is Your Definition of Wealth?

The Amida Wealth team is here to help you transform your vision of wealth. We can open your eyes to new beliefs and perceptions to re-frame what wealth-being truly means to you.


Creating a clear map for you to reach your goal is the next step. We listen to your vision and help design a way for you to achieve the life you desire, taking into account your current lifestyle and your ideal richly lived life.

Sometimes the fastest way to a destination is not the easiest. We help you create stepping stones that balance time and effort to ensure your plan reflects your unique passions and goals.


Once you have your map, you prepare for the journey ahead. In this third step, we help you strategize walking down your newfound road to wealth and well-being with security and confidence.

In this step, we optimize areas of your life and finances to make it possible for you to follow your plan and succeed.


The fourth step may feel like the biggest one of all – implementing your plan and taking off down the road to a wealthy life. This is when you realize you are empowered to do the work. We will be there to help you every step of the way. One stepping stone at a time.

Our client portal and financial insights are powerful tools on this stage of the journey. We are always available to help you save and invest with confidence.


On any journey, it is important to look back at how far you have come…and to look forward to see how much further you have to go. The fifth step on the path is being present to truly evolve into true wealth.

The journey to wealth is a fluid one – lives change, and so do people. Sometimes new stepping stones need to be laid out to get us to our goals.

By meeting with you regularly and understanding the parts of your life, we can ensure that you are on the road to your best, wealthiest life.

We believe that the joy is in the journey and that living a wealthy life begins by growing and thriving every day.