We are here to help you discover what true wealth means. Our fivefold elements of wealth are: health, career, finances, relationships, and personal growth. We are with you on your journey. Think of us as a compass as you take the helm. Amida Wealth gives you position and direction, steering you safely to your destination.


The first step on the path to a richly lived life is to create your vision. This starts with the question – What is Your definition of Wealth? The Amida Wealth team is here to help you transform your vision of wealth. We can open your eyes to new beliefs and perceptions to re-frame what wealth-being truly means to you.

For centuries man has looked to the stars for inspiration and guidance. The North Star lies motionless in our sky, acting as a beacon for navigation by explorers. Shakespeare called it his guiding principle. We look to nature to guide us in our daily lives. We call it a new way to see.


When early explorers came back from the new world they brought with them something more precious than gold… a map. So others can make the same journey. While sometimes you may feel you are in unchartered waters, we at Amida Wealth have been here before. We know the way. We understand what you want to achieve in life and plan your course. Sometimes the fastest way to a destination is not always the easiest. We know this and are here to make sure the obstacles you meet on your way become stepping stones. The time and effort we take to plan your course will help you pursue your dreams.


A map, no matter how accurate, will not garantee your journey will be successful. In our third step of the five-fold path, we introduce you to our key to success… preparation. Before you take your first step we must prepare you for what is ahead. We must optimize all your resources, wether it is work or career, investment, home or lifestyle. Amida Wealth will make the most effective use of your assets in order to improve your life and enable your journey to be a smooth one. Being prepared will reduce the fear of taking a new path that may lead to opportunity and reward.



Number four in our fivefold path is perhaps the boldest step. Time to put all our careful planning into effect. The strategy and the course we have chartered together, will empower you to walk boldly with confidence. Your decision making will be sharper without the guess work. Enabling you to cut through anything that may get in your path. At Amida Wealth we do not stop at providing you with a compass, maps and a sharp blade. Your expedition deserves all the tools we can provide, and our client portal can offer you the insights and data you need to continue being successful, no matter where you wish to go in life.



No matter how successful our journey is together, do not lose sight of where you came from. Look back to where you started so you can see how you got here. Then you will see what lies ahead to continue your progress. Once you have reconciled your past and stopped worrying about the future, your present takes on new meaning. Our final fivefold step is to live fully in the present.  The ordinary becomes extraordinary when you are living fully in the now. Amida Wealth keeps vigil so you can live each day without dwelling on the past or future. Your health will improve. Your life will be richer.