We must try to live a balanced life. Work, play, family and health are important aspects of our daily lives and striking a balance between them creates well-being. Giving back is a natural part of this process. It allows us to be socially responsible and in turn we all benefit. At Amida Wealth, helping the local and global community gives our team a sense of purpose. Please join us.


Our president, Ana Ramos is honored to serve on the Board of Directors of Ride2Revive.org, a non-profit created by Brooke David and Brett David, owners of Prestige Imports in Miami. Their mission is to help children with life-threatening illnesses. The annual Ride2Revive race provides professional race car drivers to safely race children around real racetracks. This one day event brings miles of smiles to kids from ages 6-15 and helps remind us all that life can still be a great adventure even though you spend each day at the hospital or doctors offices. Beside this annual event, Ride2Revive sponsors visits to children’s hospitals and doctors offices throughout the year. Amida Wealth is proud to partner with the dedicated David family in giving back.

One Tree Planted

The non-profit organization, One Tree Planted allows us to give back to our planet. We can all help the environment by planting trees. We can also help ourselves. Trees are vital to our life, helping clean the air we breathe and filter the water we drink. Amida Wealth hosts a tree planting event every year on the first Saturday in Spring. We dedicate each tree planted to one of our clients.  Everyone is welcome to join us, including family and friends, at this annual celebration of giving back to our planet.

Feed projects

There are many different ways to give back. We like the FEED project as a fun way to give twice. First we give wonderful products to our friends and family. Second, for each product we give, we help FEED give back to the World by feeding the hungry. FEED’s bags accessories and home goods are made by artisans from Kenya to India. Each sale not only provide meals, but also sustainable livelihoods for the artisan partners and their families. FEED fits perfectly into the Amida Wealth philosophy of giving back in multiple ways. We hope you find a way to give back, that brings you as much joy as it does to our team at Amida Wealth. The FEED Project is a good way to start.