Good conversation is a lost art according to some. We think it's an opportunity to get to know someone. To share your ideas and point of view and hear what others have to say. Amida Wealth promotes a series of focused conversations that address specific topics. We hope you can join us.

For Women by Women

For Women by Women is a women-centric group to promote stimulating discussions that can be supportive, educational and sometimes fun! Share your story and listen to others as you go from topic to topic. For Women by Women focuses on the challenges females face in their everyday lives from their career and work to family life and relationships.

Just Latte and Talk

Young adults have a voice and Amida Wealth hears you. From blogs and podcasts to videos on social networks we see and hear you. Wanting to make a difference. Our Just Latte and Talk series was created for our Amitabsters… the new generation that are showing us the way in a world which is getting more complex to navigate. We meet at different coffee shops in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, New York, Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles.  It’s Just Latte and Talk and a great way to network.

The Innovators

A series of breakfast conversations with the risk-takers. The fearless entrepreneurs who go where others may not. The innovators who spread new ideas that can make a difference. It’s a very diverse group and the conversation can range from the banal, such as the best way to brew coffee to robotics to cybersecurity. We love innovation and sharing ideas is the best way to get started. Join our monthly breakfast meetings to talk with a wide range of people who have one thing in common… to be entrepreneurs.

Living Matters

The Pinnacle. To reach the highest point. An exclusive invitation-only experience to enjoy stimulating conversation with people of similar interests. You have all come a long way in your careers and it’s time to relax. Try the latest tequila or have a craft beer and look out across the city. You have worked hard to get this view. Let’s add some good conversation and the result is an experience you will wish to repeat. That’s why our Living Matters series is a quarterly event.