Magazine: February 2020

The month of February is like the feeling of getting to sit down after standing for hours. It’s your chance to breathe a sigh of relief after making it through one of the busiest times of year, and and perhaps why we call this, the month of love.

There’s almost nothing better at the end of a long day than treating yourself to a bite of something delicious, and Jonathan Grahm, the mastermind behind LA-based Compartés Chocolatier, is here to redefine this experience with his inventive chocolate bars (which include treats for the health-conscious!). If you know me, I’m all about healthy body, healthy mind, healthy perspective on life.

If you were busy cooking for big crowds this holiday season, you deserve dinners that are easy—without sacrificing flavor or creativity. Recipes for a vegetarian tikka masala and tasty turkey and vegetables are just what you need right now.

Getting back on track financially is another big concern for many after the holiday season. Luckily, establishing a budget doesn’t have to be complicated. Simple money-saving tips plus a printable budget outline can help put you at ease. And if you are part of the Amida family, we replace the word budget with allocation – smile!

And for those of us who enjoy taking some time for self TLC, we have a whole extra day this month to do whatever our heart desires—thanks to the leap year! Enjoy ideas for how to celebrate, find fascinating facts about leap year, and a look at the history and science behind the day.

Make this month a good one, no matter how you choose to unwind and spend that extra day!

American Lifestyle February Issue