Amida Connections

A series of focused conversations to address specific needs as we travel down the path of life. See below for some of the most unique and amazing opportunities to join us.


Experience empowerment and connectedness in the women-centric series where we will discuss the challenges and rewards of pursuing a life of meaning and prosperity for females.

Just Latte and Talk

Young adults are growing up and showing up in this world to make an impact and to be the change. Everyone needs guidance and a sounding board from time to time. “Just Latte and Talk” is specifically designed for the younger generation, our amitabsters. We meet at different coffee shops in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, New York, Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles to simply share a latte and a conversation.

The Entrepreneur

A series of breakfast conversations with those innovative minds that are making an impact in this world by giving it their all and investing their lives in their own companies. Entrepreneurs are wired differently, and expect a different type of guidance system. Join our monthly breakfast meetings to share about specific topics relating to creating and leading a life of wealth as an entrepreneur.

Living Matters

Because you have worked hard and achieved a certain level of success, you want more. By invitation only, join our Pinnacle Living Matters quarterly experiences. We will personally invite you to our next experience.