Our Four Noble Truths. First we must recognize that money alone is not a measure of wealth. Money has no intrinsic value. If you were marooned on a desert island, you would gladly trade your suitcase full of cash for a pocket knife. Once we understand the true meaning of wealth, we can explore the possibilities. Amida Wealth has developed the programs below so you can Transform Your Vision of Wealth.


It is no secret that behind every successful person is a coach or advisor to help them stay focused on their goals. Our Signature Solè program was specifically designed for our clients who understand this approach, and who think their goal is slipping out of reach. A client who would like to have someone by their side as they try to reach their objective: To re-adjust. To re-align. To re-focus.

Our mission is to energize our clients and make ideas and opportunities flow, where once they appeared stagnant. Our Solè program is the catalyst to make this happen. We will focus on:

  • Your current situation
  • Your protection needs
  • Your financial goals
  • Your retirement needs
  • Your tax and estate (legacy planning)

We will be by your side during this process and remain there while you transform your vision of wealth.


You grew up in the information age. You never knew a life without a mobile phone or internet. We look to you for the trends in the way we work or travel or buy a home or car. Your parents were baby boomers and some may even be Generation X, so even the way you perceive family life is making a change. You are the change. We get it. We understand.

With technology advancing at warp speeds, you can redefine the world on a daily basis. However quickly that world seems to move, core values remain the same. Our wishes and our dreams are the same: Financial independence. Good health. A loving family. For this Amida Wealth will be your partner. Letting our knowledge and experience partner with your ambitions and desires. Our Financial technology tools will be at your side, no further than your fingertips. Amida Wealth uses cutting edge tools for the latest economic trends and investment intelligence. It is a personalized strategy, tailored to your needs.

And yes, it’s even at warp speeds.


Living the ‘American Dream.’ The belief that through hard work, anyone can achieve their vision of success. For you, this may be owning your own business or home, or the freedom that financial wealth can bring. The reality is a little more complex.

Being your own boss takes more than hard work and sacrifice. But every entrepreneur will tell you that it is a dream worth fighting for. Amida Wealth is in your corner when you are ready for the fight. We work alongside you, bringing financial planning expertise and management skills with every step you take. Amida Wealth can devise a strategy for funding or raising venture capital. We can find ways to best manage your daily business requirements, including taxes, retirement plans, employee benefits and business succession.

A successful entrepreneur is defined by their passion and personal satisfaction at reaching goals. We know. Amida Wealth was founded with the same entrepreneural spirit. Partner with us and let us transform your vision of wealth.


Our own journey had the inevitable obstacles and missteps that everyone must overcome to be successful. Our passion and spirit guided us, lighting up the path. But along the way our goals changed. We saw that financial wealth does not bring true happiness. But it does bring great opportunity. It allows us to be generous and to give back. Our reward is living with compassion and kindness.

We developed our Pinnacle program for clients who have already achieved a level of financial wealth and want to take the last step. Pinnacle means to embrace philanthropy. No this does not mean being Bill Gates. We can all be philanthropic no matter the level we choose. Giving back can be the culmination of your life’s work. It may be as simple as helping your neighbor or volunteering your time. Amida Wealth can create a program to help you connect with your community or connect globally. To have a positive impact on the lives of people.

This is what we mean by Transforming Your Vision of Wealth.